The Size of a Netball Court

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size of a netball court

The size of a netball court is an important element to understand for anyone looking to play this fast-paced sport. Having a clear understanding of the layout and dimensions of a netball court can help players to develop their strategies for moving the ball down the court and scoring goals.

In a 60-minute game of netball, each player can expect to touch the ball 80-100 times. While this may sound like a lot, the fact is that each time they do, they only have about two seconds on average to pass the ball to another teammate or shoot for goal.

Demystifying Netball Court Size: A Comprehensive Guide

A standard netball court is a rectangular area with one long side and two shorter sides. It has a central circle or “ring” which is 3.05 meters high and surrounded by a net, open at the top and bottom.

Alongside the ring are the center lines, which define the center of the court. There are also transverse and sideline lines that mark the boundaries of the court. Finally, there are the shooting circles, which are reserved for assigned defending or attacking players only.

The All Weather Pitch Construction website has a great netball court planning guide with full diagrams and dimensions that you can download. However, this is only a guide and it should not be relied upon as professional advice in relation to the design or marking out of netball courts and playing areas.


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