The Basics of Pest Control

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Pest control local exterminators is the attempt to manage organisms that damage crops, plants or other parts of nature. It can also include the control of pests that spoil food, pollute water or waste, contaminate food and drinks, or cause other nuisances. Typical pests include insects, mites, birds, rodents, and plant diseases. Pests are often controlled using biological methods which involve the use of predators, parasites, or pathogens. These are often effective, but they can take some time to work and may not be appropriate for all situations. They also introduce new organisms to the environment which can have unintended consequences (e.g., the giant cane toad in Australia that was introduced to control aphids but has since become a significant ecological problem).

What are the features of pest control?

Other common methods of pest control are trapping or physically removing pests from the environment. This can be done with a variety of traps or bait stations. It is important to regularly check traps and bait stations and to remove any pests that are captured. Physical removal can also be done with netting or other materials to catch and contain pests. It is also a good idea to keep areas around your house, farm or garden clean and free of debris where pests could hide or nest. Store food, especially ripe fruit, in the refrigerator or in sealed containers with lids that seal well. Avoid keeping ripe produce on counters or tables where it could attract fly larvae or other pests.


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