Stages For School – Preparing Yourself For the Year to Come

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stages for school

Whether you’re teaching kindergarteners or graduating seniors, the first days of school can set the tone for the year ahead. It’s important to start the year with a positive mindset and get back into your routine of eating healthy, exercising, and adjusting your sleep schedule. These steps will help you prepare your body for a long academic year. Find out

A key term in schooling is ‘key stage’, which refers to the groups of years that administer progressive standardised exams. For example, a child in KS1 will take different standardized tests than a student in KS5. These different sets of exams are determined by the National Curriculum for England and Wales.

Unleashing Creativity: Designing Engaging Stages for School Productions

In the associative play stage kids up to three or five years of age begin to associate their own individual play with other children’s activities. This is a precursor to true cooperative play. Kids in this stage often enjoy watching other kids play and learn from them.

Students at the Norming stage have established structures and roles within their teacher-powered schools and are operating competently in these areas. They are also learning how to manage organizational change.

Concerned teachers are more equipped to address students at risk for dropping out of school. Using the levels of progress in the stages of schooling tool, educators can identify student struggles and develop strategies for helping them stay engaged in their education. This increases graduation rates, as students feel more supported throughout their education.

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