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Bande Dessie is a French-based streaming website whose specialty is presenting a user-friendly interface that enables anyone to launch a free music song, without requiring any previous technical knowledge. The website is accessible through a free web browser, providing visitors with a musical “try before you buy” of sorts, enabling them to determine the degree to which they want to pursue a hobby of listening to music. As of this writing, Bande à part Dessie offers over ten thousand songs in its library, with an additional twenty-five to thirty different genres available for browsing and listening to online. The website requires no prior knowledge of music or recording in order to launch a song, and the ease-of-use and navigation speeds of the site make it suitable for anyone who is looking to begin streaming online music as their new hobby.

Best Free Online Music Streaming Websites

The bande dessie music streaming website is not unlike many other online music streaming websites in one way or another. Unlike some sites that require a certain level of technical knowledge in order to use and create playlists, the site makes it simple to create playlists through a series of images and text boxes. To start a new playlist, a visitor simply clicks on the image or box that represents the type of song that he or she wants to listen to, then selects a bande dessie song from the list that is offered. A list of lyrics appears above the image or box, along with the artist name and album title. Finally, if the listener likes what he or she is hearing, click on “create playlist” and the music will begin to play immediately.

While the list of songs offered at Bande Dessie is large and is constantly changing, the quality of music is of an exceptionally high caliber and most visitors leave the website impressed and contented. In addition, because the website is hosted and operated by a French company, they are able to offer a selection of French songs and are happy to provide advice about how best to locate music from other countries as well. These factors have combined to make the new artists and fans of musical acts very happy with the way that the site has operated since its inception. With more musical acts signing up for the Bande Dessie membership, it is likely that other music streaming websites will soon be offering new artists a chance to reach new audiences.


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