Mystical Prophet Review

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Mystical Prophet

Mystical Prophet is one of the most consistent power metal bands around, despite line-up changes and constant ageing. They aren’t writing amazing pieces of epic proportions anymore and they certainly don’t produce songs so catchy that dogs go bananas over them, but they continue to do exactly what they’ve been doing since their formation back in 2008 with a constant formula that seems to work for them.

The mystical and the Mystical Prophet are often seen as mutually exclusive. The first is concerned with inspiration from outside the self, while the latter is focused on interpreting and communicating God’s message. However, the Scottish noblewoman Lady Abden merged both systems in her 1709 manuscript publication ‘Last revelation’. Her esoteric cryptic foreseeings were a synthesis of Bourignon’s mystical ideas with a defence of the new missionary movement that had recently arrived in Edinburgh.

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It’s a combination of asceticism, mysticism and apocalyptic vision that influenced poet William Blake, among many others. And it’s a combination that continues to be echoed in the world today.

In this 7-week training for modern mystics and prophets with bestselling author and change-agent Matthew Fox, you’ll learn how to embody the wisdom of beloved mystics and prophets like Hildegard von Bingen, Meister Eckhart, Mary Oliver, and Thomas Merton. You’ll learn how to transform grief, summon greater creativity, address injustice, and stand resolute in the face of life’s storms. You’ll learn how to live a mystical and prophetic life of unmitigated love and resolute courage.

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