Hiring a Retaining Wall Builder

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retaining wall builder

Before you start building a retaining wall, you will want to purchase a sufficient amount of material. Purchase at least 10 percent more material than you need, and you can cut extra blocks as needed. Wait until the ground is dry, then measure the length and width of the wall. Place stakes in the ground to mark the boundary of the wall. Next, tie string to the stakes, and use a mason’s line to tie off the wall. Be sure the string is level, and then paint it.

Prevent Landslides During Heavy Rain

Aside from providing structural needs for steep landscapes, retaining walls also add aesthetic value to your property. A properly constructed retaining wall will prevent erosion and create usable areas. They also prevent landslides during heavy rain. They can also help to level off a property and provide more structure. Before you hire a retaining wall builder, remember to consider your budget, the longevity of the wall, and the type of material you want to use. Long Island retaining wall builders will offer a variety of options for your property.

Gravity walls rely on mass to resist pressure from behind. They may have a batter setback to provide additional stability. Short landscaping walls are often constructed using mortarless stone or segment concrete units. Composite gravity walls are becoming increasingly popular for taller retaining walls. They may also contain geosynthetic materials. You can choose to build gabions, which are wire-mesh baskets filled with rock. You can also choose to build crib walls, which are log cabin-style cells filled with earth.


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