Handyman Services in Geelong

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We offer a range of home improvement and maintenance services. Our service covers all those odd jobs around the house that you never get to, painting and decorating, tiling, fixing door locks and more. We are fully accredited, security checked and insured. Our handyman services include TV wall mounting and pictures hung, window washing, paths and driveways high pressure cleaned, gardens mowed, mulching, hedges/shrub pruning, cleaning gutters (removing rust and blockages), lawn repairs, fence repair/replacement.

Is carpenter a happy job?

Many Geelong Handyman residents have a number of pesky problems around the house that they would like to fix themselves; however, some can be DIY fixes and others may need to be referred to a local handyman.

Some of the most common household problems that require a handyman in Geelong include clogged drains, broken furniture, cracked walls, door frames, and power tools. A clogged sink is often caused by a build up of oils, fats and sticky foods in the trap under the sink. Adding some vinegar to the sink can usually help unblock it.

Alternatively, you can use a chemical drain cleaner to remove the clog and then a rag to wipe down the drain pipe and the trap. If this does not work, you can contact a plumber.

Cracked walls can be caused by movement within the home or foundational failure. Generally, small hairline cracks can be handled by a homeowner; however, larger ones should be referred to a carpenter. A local Geelong carpenter can assess the cracks and recommend a solution.


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