Facebook Ban Words – How to Keep Your Facebook Ads From Getting Banned

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When creating your facebook ads, it is important to follow facebook’s ad policy guidelines. Otherwise your ad may get blocked by the platform, and your campaign will not be successful. Facebook wants your ad to fit in with the news feed and not look too much different from a regular post. This means that overuse of capital letters or lots of exclamation marks!!!! are a no-no, as well as using profanity in your content.

How do I filter Facebook posts by words?

You can use the facebook ban words word list to block words, phrases or emojis that you don’t want to appear on your page. Facebook will then hide comments containing any of the banned keywords in your page’s news feed. You can also filter profanity on your page by choosing a degree of tolerance. Choose medium to block moderately vulgar profanity, or strong to block highly offensive language.

Facebook is always looking to protect its family-friendly environment. The last thing they want is for a parent to be scrolling through the news feed, with their child by their side, and see a four-letter curse word in a sponsored post. Sexual images and overt language around intimacy are nonstarters, too.

There’s also a secret list of groups that are considered hate organizations, but there are many that don’t make the cut (including Holocaust denial sites and Al Qaeda-linked groups). The ad policies are evolving quickly as the company continues to expand worldwide. The rules will likely be revised again soon, and it’s worth keeping up with them to avoid getting your content blocked.

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