Exponent Investment Management Review

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Exponent Investment Management

Exponent Investment Management is a fee-based Ottawa-based financial advisory firm offering a broad range of wealth management services. Their certified financial planners focus on designing financial services specifically for their clients’ needs. Learn more http://ex-ponent.com/

They help business owners and professionals move from active business or professional income to retirement investment, and are dedicated to ensuring that clients are well prepared for their next phase of life.

Personalization — Increasingly, investors are seeking customized investing products that fit their unique portfolios. This trend is causing a shift in the way that wealth managers manage their portfolios, with direct indexing, fractional share trading, and $0 online commissions available to clients at lower minimums.

Fiduciary Commitment — The best financial advisors in Ottawa are legally and ethically committed to their clients’ best interests, ensuring that they put their clients’ goals first. This commitment ensures that their client’s assets are protected and that they have the peace of mind to pursue their passions while maintaining their financial security in retirement.

Exponent Investment Management: A Guide for Beginner Investors

Dedicated Team of Professionals — The best financial advisors in Ottawa have extensive industry certifications and continuing education. This keeps their team up to date on current trends and laws.

Transparent Approach — They make sure that their clients’ accounts are fully transparent at all times. This transparency helps keep the team accountable and streamlines communication.

They also maintain an open and honest culture that supports their clients’ trust in them. This means that they won’t be motivated by quotas or big sales, and that they’ll always take their client’s best interest into account.

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