Custom Made Military Patches

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custom made military patches

Custom made military patches are a way for members of the Armed Forces to proudly display their rank, unit affiliation, years of service and specialized experience. They also promote esprit de corps amongst the troops, and help to foster camaraderie within units. In addition, they can be used to honor a fallen soldier or family member.

These military badges come in a variety of sizes, colors and attachment options. They can be embroidered, laser-cut, and printed. The embroidery option is considered the classic look. It’s more affordable, but the thread can only go so thin, so it can limit the amount of detail that can be created. It’s ideal for basic logos and designs, but not for detailed, intricate patterns.

Laser-cut patches are another popular choice. They are usually made from twill, which is a matte material that’s durable and easy to sew. Laser-cut patches are more affordable than embroidered, but they’re limited in the number of design options available.

Crafting Tradition: Custom-Made Military Patches

For the best custom military patches, look for a company that offers a wide range of customization options and a fast turnaround time. Choose a company that uses the highest quality materials and offers competitive pricing. Make sure that they can provide digital proofs before the order goes into production. Lastly, the company should guarantee that you will be satisfied with both the design and the finished patch. Everlighten, for example, offers a no minimum order requirement and free shipping on all orders.


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