CPAP Machines For Sleep Apnea

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CPAP machines for sleep apnea

You have sleep apnea, and your doctor wants you to use a CPAP machines for sleep apnea. But the thought of tying yourself to a noisy gadget all night with tubes here and a mask there may send you running for the hills.

CPAP machines deliver a steady stream of pressurized air through a tube to a mask worn over your nose or mouth. The air prevents your upper airways from collapsing and stops snoring and dips in oxygen during sleep, helping you stay asleep and avoid complications of obstructive sleep apnea, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and daytime sleepiness.

Modern CPAP devices are much smaller and quieter than those of the past, making them more acceptable to bed partners and easier to get used to. Often, they are near-silent. If yours makes a whoosh or some metallic clicking sounds, try repositioning the unit, adjusting the mask and straps or removing the filter.

The Silent Hero: How CPAP Machines Transform Lives in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Some CPAP users complain that all that forced air dries their nose and mouth out, so many units have built-in humidifiers to make the air you breathe warm and moist. A nasal saline spray at bedtime can also help.

A CPAP device can take some getting used to, but it is essential for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Talk to your doctor and work with your CPAP supplier or clinic to solve problems, such as an ill-fitting mask or dry mouth, that can hinder the success of the therapy. Staying in touch with your healthcare team and keeping up with regular visits to the clinic can help you resolve challenges before they escalate.


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