Cost to Replace a Garage Door Spring

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Your garage door opens and closes with the help of springs that are under a lot of tension. If one of them breaks, it can put you and your family at risk for serious injury. The good news is that replacing them is a relatively easy job for a professional, but it can be dangerous for homeowners to do on their own.

Are garage door springs standard size?

The cost to replace garage door spring includes the price of the new springs and labor costs. The actual price depends on the type of spring and whether you have a single or double garage door. It also depends on whether you have a torsion or extension spring and how old the existing ones are.

It’s recommended that you go with high-quality springs that are built to last. You can find them at local hardware stores and online retailers for about $50 each or more. You may be able to find cheaper versions at home improvement stores or at Walmart, but they’ll likely have a shorter lifespan and will require replacement sooner.

You should be prepared to spend up to $350 for the installation of a new set of garage door springs. That’s because it’s usually necessary to have both springs replaced at the same time to keep the door balanced. You can lower your costs by taking care of other maintenance issues like lubricating the springs and installing safety cables. And make sure to hire a pro as soon as you notice a problem so that they can prevent the problem from getting worse.


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