Choosing a Wicker Cat Bed

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wicker cat bed

Cats spend between 15 and 20 hours a day sleeping or resting, so providing them with the right place to do so is important. A comfortable bed can help them sleep well and feel secure, giving them the energy to thrive. Moreover, having a comfortable bed can also help keep their environment clean and healthy by preventing them from shedding on furniture or bedding.

Wicker cat bed  are made from natural materials and have a stylish look that matches many home decor styles. They are low-maintenance and usually come with washable pillows that can be removed for cleaning. This makes them an excellent choice for pet owners who want to reduce their cleaning time. They are also sustainable and eco-friendly, as they use natural, biodegradable products.

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The most common type of wicker cat bed is the donut bed, which is circular and has raised sides that wrap around the cat to create a cosy nook. This type of bed is great for calming cats and alleviating stress, especially in the case of young kittens or older adults who may be feeling anxious.

Another option is a hammock style, which can lift the cat up off the ground and help them associate the bed with positive experiences like affection or treats. This can be helpful for a stubborn or picky cat who won’t take to the bed at first.

This Pawhut condo doubles as a bed and a perch, which can be very attractive for cats who like to sit up high. It also has a contemporary design and is composed of handwoven, durable rattan that can withstand sharp claws.


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