Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

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carpet cleaning chemicalsCommercial carpet cleaning products is an inevitable part of owning a home or business. Over time, dirt, spills and stubborn stains will accumulate and need to be cleaned.

It is important to choose a professional cleaning company that uses green cleaning chemicals. These products will not release harmful chemicals into the air and are safe for both you and your family as well as the environment.

The best way to find a green certified cleaner is to check the data base of the Green Seal, CRI and other certification programs. These organizations test and approve cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment and the people in your building.

Chemicals for Stain Removal

During the cleaning process, many chemicals are used to break down and remove dirt and grime from your carpets. Some of these substances can be erosive and can shorten the life of your carpets.

Some of the most common carpet-cleaning chemicals include optical brighters, ammonia and formaldehyde. The latter is toxic to humans and can cause respiratory irritation, eye rashes and itching, skin allergies, wheezing and lung damage.

Odor Control and Sanitizing

The Top Carpet Cleaning Chemicals to Tackle Stubborn Stains and Dirt Buildup

Among the most effective carpet-cleaning chemicals is OdoBan, an agent that gets rid of rotten vegetable odors, pet urine smells, vomit and petroleum product smells. This product is safe to use on all types of carpets and can be applied by hand or by a carpet shampoo machine.

pH Levels and Alkalinity

All professional carpet cleaning companies should have a pH meter on their trucks to test the ph levels of carpets and determine whether to clean them with an acidic, alkaline or neutral cleaning solution. A pH number between 7 and 8 is ideal for a normal, natural-looking appearance.


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