Can I Sell My Ticketmaster Tickets Privately?

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can i sell my ticketmaster tickets privately

Can I sell my ticketmaster tickets privately?

Ticketmaster is one of the most popular ticketing websites in the world. It powers ticket sales for stadiums, performing arts centers, and museums. The company has become a major player in the ticketing industry, and is often accused of operating as a monopoly.

Its resale fees are controversial, and it has been accused of excluding rival selling ticketmaster e tickets sites from selling tickets through its platform. In a recent survey, over 95% of consumers said they believe Ticketmaster’s fees are too high.

Are Ticketmaster and Live Nation a monopoly?

Whether or not Ticketmaster and Live Nation are a monopoly is an important question in the world of antitrust. Consumers are dispersed and atomistic groups of market participants, so the answer to that question is difficult.

There are ways that consumers can combat this monopoly. Some consumers try to find other ways to buy tickets, such as using a credit card or buying from a third-party seller.

How to Sell Your Ticketmaster Tickets Privately: A Step-by-Step Guide

Another way that consumers can fight Ticketmaster is by using their voice. By filing complaints with state and federal regulators, they can help make Ticketmaster more accountable.

How can I get my money back when selling Ticketmaster tickets?

The process to get your money back when you sell a ticket on Ticketmaster or StubHub is relatively simple. First, transfer ownership of your ticket to a buyer by uploading your original ticket PDF or entering your ticket barcode.

Then, the buyer can take possession of your tickets and send them via a prepaid shipping label. Usually, it takes a week or two before your tickets are officially sold, so it is wise to list your concert tickets early.

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