Breathwork Training

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Breathwork Training

A growing number of yoga teachers, massage therapists, healers and coaches are offering breathwork classes and retreats in their studios, in the comfort of their homes or online. This practice focuses on the breath and the body, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue, while boosting energy levels, and encouraging a sense of well-being and connection to self and others. Learn more

The benefits of breathwork can be profound, including the ability to regulate one’s nervous system, improve digestion, increase stamina and help with insomnia. Practicing breathwork can also improve mental clarity and emotional stability, promote greater self-awareness, love and compassion and generate more direction in life. It can even aid with weight loss and enhance athletic performance!

The Connection Between Breathwork and Mindfulness

While you don’t need to be religious to benefit from breathwork, it is often a deeply spiritual experience and process. Many practitioners are trained to work with people from a variety of belief systems, and they can provide guidance and support for whatever the individual needs.

Choose the Loka Breathwork Teacher Training for a deep, immersive and comprehensive course that goes beyond professional development into a healing journey of personal growth and self-discovery, using ancient Pranayama techniques with modern trauma awareness. You’ll gain hands-on experience from trauma healing experts, and learn how to facilitate healing with empathy and expertise. Become an internationally certified and accredited breathwork coach with this highly recommended training.


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