Air Conditioning Tips at Home

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Air conditioning is the key to enjoying summer fun—but if your system goes down at the hottest time of year, it can spoil your beach vacation or backyard barbecues. A few simple tips can keep your A/C running smoothly throughout the season.Go here:

Summer Survival Guide: Effective Air Conditioning Tips for Homeowners

Keeping your home cool requires sealing off your house from the outside heat, so close all the windows during peak sun times (early afternoon to early evening). Opt for window coverings that reduce absorbed heat, such as light-colored blinds or curtains and solar screens. You can also shade east-, south-, and west-facing windows with awnings or trellises, add tinted window film ($30, The Home Depot), or plant trees to minimize the effects of radiant heat and UV light on your home.

If you have a programmable thermostat, set it higher at night and lower when you’re away from home during the day. This keeps your house cooler and can trim 10 percent off energy bills. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, try to get into the habit of closing doors and vents to rooms that you aren’t using. This redirects the cool air toward the areas where you’re spending your time and can cut cooling costs by up to 10 percent, according to the DOE.

Keeping your vents and registers clean is also important, as dust and dirt can block air flow and make the system work harder. Use a caulking gun to seal any gaps where cool air could be escaping your home, and make sure the air conditioner’s attic insulation is in good condition.


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